Everything You Need To Know About Our Tree Services

Welcome to TNT Tree Service.

Trees are essential to our world, offering a wide range of benefits to our environment. However, trees become hazardous liabilities if they fall and injure people or damage property. Proper constant maintenance will help prevent accidents and identify when a tree becomes dangerous.

One way to tell if the tree is dead or dying is if it does not have any leaves anymore. You can tell that it is dying or in decline if every year you see fewer and fewer leaves on its branches. Other ways to tell if the tree is dead or in decline include looking at its trunk for severe damage, disease, fungi, broken bark, broken limbs, stress fractures, etc. You can also look for exposed roots or roots that are consistently dry/brittle. Another way to tell if a tree is in decline is if it's dying from the top down.

Yes, we are careful to completely clean up the tree debris. In some instances, a small amount of shavings will remain but are soon absorbed by the surrounding lawn and grounds.

Yes, we can. Our special equipment grinds the stump to mulch.

Normally the stumps will be ground 6" to 8" below ground level; there will be additional charges for grinding surface roots in the surrounding area. There will be a mulch pile after your stump is ground. Mulch is good to use as ground cover.

No, we do not charge by the tree. Every tree is located in a unique place, and therefore offers unique challenges, like size, location, and condition. Let us look at it, assess the situation, and give you a FREE estimate.

We offer very competitive rates for tree trimming and removal. However, many variables determine the cost of trimming or removal of a tree. Location, size, access, as well as the level of danger associated with the job, are all considerations that determine cost.

Yes, if you prefer, we can cut it into firewood length. Ask us about pricing for these and other services we offer.

Just give us a call at (281) 236-8733. We are happy to provide estimates free of charge. Contact us today!